Hello All! Just so everybody knows that it's not Aber folk being slack ---we just haven't any previous experience of this campaign so we have no current leaflets/stories to provide. I shall await Ben's sample letter and then get cracking. Thank you!....Jenny.

Thanks Jenny, but I think its time I updated this page.

fynd i'r lawr am y fersiwn Gymraeg (scroll down for Welsh version)

Right now, the ethical investment campaign is there and rolling. After lots of campaigning, with "die ins" on the main concourse and various other strategies, and collecting hundreds of signatures in support of our campaign, we had a policy near-unanimously passed through the Guild of Students General Meeting. The Guild supports the policy of ethical investment, and the sabbatical officers and president are mandated to push for the university to adopt the ethical investment. Also, the president -  no, two presidents now - have written a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University, asking for a meeting on the subject. But despite sending the letter twice, we haven't had any response. We've got a fair few ideas for campaigning to take the campaign forward, though I don't think its wise to put them so blatantly in the public domain in advance!

Thanks, Jeff         p.s. this site is a brilliant idea

Dying for ethical investment

Reit nawr, mae ymgyrch byddsoddiad moesegol sy'n digwydd. Wedyn llawer o ymgyrchu, efo "die-ins" a popeth, a celon ni llawer o llofnodau am y ymgyrch, roedd y polisi i gytuno 'da byddsoddiad moesegol yn wedi ei basio gan y cyfarfod yr Urdd Myfyriwr. Mae Urdd yn gefnogi y polisi Byddsoddiad Moesegol, a mae llwydd yr Urdd yn mandadu i'r lobi y prifysgol am byddsoddiad moesegol. Hefyd, darwenodd y llwydd llythyr i'r is-ganghellor. Ond does dim yn ateb eto, darwenon ni y llythyr dwywaith.