This policy was the result of a year of negotiations with the University, and represents an agreement that all were happy with.

It adopts the tactic of making a list of principles to which St Andrews's fund managers must subscribe. These include general aims, like "", and very specific principles, like "". This tactic, while guaranteeing some ethicality, avoids a simple set of fund restrictions, with the aim on allowing fund managers the flexibility to use the funds to engage with corporations for change. This means that a lot of responsibility lies in choosing the right fund manager -- to this end, we ensured that a campaign member would be on the selection team.

The second strand of the policy was to form an Investments Advisroy Committee with a wide membership, which would monitor the progress of the funds. This ensures that the funds continue to work ethically, and the fund manager is doing eir job, and that the lines of communication with the student body remain open -- overall, it ensures that the policy keeps on going and is a living document, rather than a piece of paper sitting in a file somewhere.

Read the policy here