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EI Organisations Edit

These are the organisations which help individuals and institutions to invest their moeny in ethical portfolios. They often have resources on their sites which can help you, but mainly they're providing services.

Ethical Investment Association - An association of financial advisors allowing professionals to share resources about ethical investment, and allowing individuals and institutions to get in contact with ethical financiers. There is an overview of how ethical investment works, and also news and forums pages

Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRiS) - EIRiS is a company which researches corporations and investment portfolios. It is the leading global provider of independent research into the social, environmental and ethical performance of companies. The site also has a lot of information about EI, including good FAQs.

Ethical Investors Group - A financial advice company for those interested in EI, largely directed at individuals. The site offers a wide range of services for individual finances.

UK Social Investment Forum - An organisation promoting and providing information about EI. The site features a wealth of data, FAQs, news and other resources.

EI Campaigns Edit

These are the people campaigning for institutional EI, mainly in UK universities.

St Andrews Ethical Investment Campaign

Edinburgh Ethical Investment Campaign

University of York People & Planet

Cambridge Students Against the Arms Trade

EI is happening in the US too: Are Colleges Only Green Skin Deep?

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Handbook on Responsible Investment Across Asset Classes (Book)

David Wood, Director of the IRI explained the Handbook's goal "was to examine how responsible investment, understood as investment that combines rigorous financial analysis with the incorporation of environmental, social, and governance criteria into the investment decision-making process, might be applied across asset classes."

The Handbook on Responsible Investment is a publication of The Center's Institute for Resonsible Investment. Written for asset owners, money managers, consultants, and others seeking to institutionalize responsible investment principles across portfolios, the Handbook will help investors: incorporate responsible investment methods into their investment mandate; identify and evaluate opportunities for responsible investment, and; coordinate the vocabulary and metrics used to measure social and environmental outcomes.

Here (in chronological order), are seventeen studies that every practitioner of SRI should know about. Consult the Bibliography for more detailed comments on each study:

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People & Planet