Welcome! The EI Working Group is the team of people working to pull EI together as a national campaign, plan our events, and develop our resources. Anyone is welcome to join in and help out: just e-mail about getting involved to the mailing list (below), or write us a message here.

The Working Group: People Edit

Communications: David and Steph The people who keep communication going throughout the network, make sure everything's running, check up on progress, and so on.

Resources: Harry and Alice The people who co-ordinate the resource-sharing, and develop tools like the EI Handbook.

Regional Promoters: Matt (South Coast) and Ayah (London) People with the job of contacting student campaigning groups in their area and talking to them about EI, helping encourage new campaigns to begin and running campaigns to flourish.

There are other people involved as well, some on specific jobs (see below), and some just helping out where they can. Get involved!

Current Jobs Edit

  • Planning for the Conference: Georgina and Edinburgh P&P are working on funding and locations. Planning the content of the conference will take place on the mailing list
  • Web Stuff: Harry's going to put together a page about EI for the P&P site; Ben's going to look into developing some form of online workspace for the working group and create a section in the P&P Forum.
  • Resources: Harry's going to try and develop a comphrehensive campaign guide to EI over the summer, and the online EI Handbook. He'd love some help with this! Alice is going to develop a list of current campaigns and what state they're currently at.

Otherwise, we need to solidify roles within the working group, get some more regional promoters, talk about the conference, and just keep the planning happening.

Our Sites Edit

Apart from this wiki, we have:

What more do we need? What should be used for what? Your thoughts please!

Next Meeting Edit

We have provisionally planned an online meeting for 3pm on Saturday 18th August to review progress. (This date and time was arbitrarily chosen, and, though it does need to be in the middle of August, can be changed if needed.) We haven't worked out what space we'll meet in yet. IRC or conference call?

Your Thoughts! Edit

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